Sunday, March 28, 2010

A day in the yard

This was Kaleigh's first time on the horse swing. Tyler was very proud that he was helping teach Kaleigh how to swing.

She went down the slide, I don't think she liked it all that much.

Such a cutie !!

Tyler has mastered swinging all by himself.

Tyler giving Kaleigh some love <3
You notice that she's puckering up for kisses

More love . . .

Taking a walk

Daisy is such a good sweet dog.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


March 27th

Our FIRST soccer game !!

Our little cheerleader was hot and the sun was annoying her so I found her a shady spot.

Explaining the rules and conduct expectations....

Within oooo about 5 minutes Drew got mad about something and ran off the field. Now... granted these games are taking place during these kids naptimes so I am sure he isn't going to be the first kid to have a meltdown. Even when he's crying, he's still a cutie.

Both teams scored one goal. .
After the game us along with the Weems' went to McD's for icecream and when Tyler spotted a green team member, he wasn't too happy. He called him the enemy !!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tyler, along with his cousins Drew, Zoe, Lilly, Ashley, and his friend Kalli are all on the same soccer team. We are playing witht the YMCA on Millerville.

Here are Tyler and Ashley learning to shuffle the ball while running.

Our teams' Cheerleader

Meeting all of our teammates

Such a supportive coach !!!! Come on Kalli, give me FIVE !!! She just looked at him like he was NUTS !!

Now it's time for to vote on our team mascot..... We chose the PIRATES !!

Kalli paying attention like a good girl.

My sweetie with her little piggy tails

On your mark..... Get Set.... Now GO !!!

And Tyler falls... lol

And he recovers . . . .

Our first practice was an overall success.... I was pleased with Tyler and all his teammates.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More celebrations from Tyler's Birthday

March 7th

Philip & I brought Tyler to a LSU game

Blake Dean was up to bat

We had great seats. Right behind home plate but a few clicks towards 3rd base. PERFECT SEATS and we appreciated the extra space around us so Tyler could stretch some.

One happy boy - a day shy of his 4th birthday

Sonia went and picked up this really cute Dinosaur cake from Carters.
It was real yummy too.


His favorite part

I got 4 more tickets to the LSU ball games. We invited Kaiden & Aunt Robin.

Our fantastic seats AGAIN !!

Best Podnuhs

Our favorite !!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kaleigh was getting mad cuz big brother was on her side of the car..... it was about to get UGLY !

My baby blues



Tyler's 4th Birthday Party

He was one happy boy !! He was ready for his party !!

Tyler had just had his first glimpse of his cake...

Y U M M Y !!!

Dustin & his momma, Sandra

I think she liked the convertible a little too much.

My pal Kalli

Now this is a duo you don't want to tangle with.... trouble meets trouble... nah, j/j
jimmy just loves this girl to pieces.

Lil miss cutie patootie


Best Podnahs Tyler & Avery

Tyler & Kaiden

you notice how Philip is carrying Kalli upside down...

the kid... kaiden